Redevelopment Seminar for the Lease/Sub-lease tenants


In order to start the redevelopment / Self redevelopment procedure. One of the most crucial steps is to check whether your society/owner has a name on the PR card. If Society/owner has their name on the PR Card check whether the area is correct or not. 
This seminar was for societies that are tenants/lease/sublease holders and has registered Society under the Co-operative Housing society register. There are much speculation and rumors on this subject that "Tenants are not owners of the property", "Lease-holders name cannot be on PR card", etc. This problem is the major obstacle in many redevelopment eligible societies, forcing them to live in damp, unhealthy, dangerously dilapidated buildings. In order to address this issue, we held a seminar with one of our associates who deal with deemed conveyance and PR card name mutation procedure Mr. Narendra Nikam, a retired Joint registrar of the co-operative housing society, Mumbai. 
In this seminar, society members have asked "The deemed conveyance is the order passed by registrar's office after hearing then the owner and interested parties will appear in the hearing of the deemed conveyance and this might delay or endanger the deemed conveyance order" 
Mr. Narendara Nikam Replied that "This is the procedure and the registrar must hear the owner's side as well for natural justice. Without hearing his side order is considered to be ex-parte order. which leaves options of appealing to the high court or higher authority"
Mr. Narendra Nikam concluded that this procedure will take at least one year, and explained the stages and duration required for the stages. 


Mr. D. A. Patil concluded the seminar that whether you go with the developer or self redevelopment name on the PR card is the essential and most crucial document you can have to prove your ownership of the land parcel. Societies that proceed for redevelopment without their name on the PR card tend to lose a lot of time and money on architectural plans and MCGM Scrutiny fees for submitting building proposals. But here at D. A. Patil and Associates, we provide all services required for redevelopment under one roof and we have the best of best associates like Mr. Nikam saheb to deal with your proposals.